Cold Water Surf Knife

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Folding knives are a true test of a smith's skill as a machinist and designer. Joseph Rodgers and Sons have been building knives in Sheffield, England, for over 300 years - they are a true work of edged inspiration. Their previous clients include the British Army and Royal Family, so when thinking about designing the world’s first Cold Water Surf Knife, we naturally decided to work with the best. We took into consideration the stage 2 hypothermia a cold water surfer’s hands can go through after a deep winter surf, and so we accentuated the ‘easy pull’ loop to make the blade more accessible in tough conditions. Comfortable in any hand, this is the folding knife that won our hearts. Use it. Take good care of it. Hand it down.

Limited edition of 100 pieces, each knife individually numbered. Comes with Finisterre fin key in a reusable tin.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.
  • 55mm / 2 1/4" folding knife (UK legal carry)
  • Limited edition of 100, individually numbered on blade
  • FSC approved Spanish Oak wooden handle
  • Main blade: Clip point multi-purpose, polished high carbon stainless steel
  • Second Tool: 'easy pull' loop, small blade, flathead screwdriver, bottle & tin opener
  • Fin key: hardened steel 3/32 hex key, laser etched logo, FSC approved Spanish Oak wooden fob
  • British made stainless steel bow-shackle
  • Comes in reusable aluminium tin with certificate of originality
  • Made in Sheffield, England.
Knife - Keep blade sharp, clean and dry | Lightly oil working parts, using a good quality mineral oil |Keep out of the reach of children | Always cut away from you | Do not run with an opened knife | Do not throw the knife or attempt to catch a dropped knife | Do not use as a lever, pry bar, hammer, chisel or wedge | Always work safely with tools and wear approved eye protection | Never use near live electrical circuits. | Do not store carbon steel knives in a sheath for prolonged periods | For ‘turn key’ use, support blade between forefinger and thumb and turn slowly | Clean thoroughly after exposure to marine conditions.

Fin Key - Apply knife usage tips to fin key where appropriate | Do not over exert turning pressure for fear of tool damage | For a difficult grub screw, wash away any salt with warm water before using tool | If problem persists resort to a tool with bigger leverage.

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