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Finisterre Surf forecast 25th March 2014 @1700. Surf forecast window 25th-30th March 2014

Quite a lot going on with the charts this week, but looking quite promising – a lot of light/offshore winds and some swell around. It ain’t looking at all bad, right through to next week.

Synoptic situation: High 1036mb Bay of Biscay fills in situ, Low 980mb far Atlantic deepens as it moves NE. High (1036mb) forms mid south Atlantic. New low (988mb) forms far Atlantic and moves NE, filling slowly as it does.

Sun out down here and you can really feel some strength back in the yellow planet, soon be time to shed some of that neoprene. Clocks go forward on Saturday as well and we can welcome back the longer days – what a winter! Anyway, groundswell banging in here at around the 4ft mark with a moderate NNW wind on it, some of the guys have gone down to the South Coast – should be fun. Tomorrow sees light/variable winds for the North Coast, going NE by the end of the day – should be around the 4ft mark for the open beaches of the North Coast. Thursday a bit smaller, but clean in the ENE wind – 3ft and should be some fun waves about, be interesting to see how those banks are faring – have heard some interesting stories! Bit more W groundswell in for Friday – 4ft open beaches –  again ENE winds and loads of options on. Smaller (2ft) for Saturday, winds moderate SE, so few waves on, might want to rest up as another building SW 3ft pulse in for Sunday, winds light southerly, great period swell (16secs) so should be packing a punch.  Same again for Monday, Tuesday and into next week – SSE winds and swell ranging from 2-4ft all the way. Get in all you can and welcome in Spring!

Low tide 6am/6pm. Moving off neaps.






My first ever forecast was back in February 2003 when it was one of the 3 pages of our website – in my bedroom above the surf shop in Aggie. I update it (when I can!) Monday and Thursday am. I feel proud that it’s still part of the brand today.

It mainly focuses on the SW and won’t tell you to go this or that beach at this or that time. It’s more of a general overview of how I think things will pan out over the outlook period and what that means for us surfers on these shores…sometimes it’s awesome and sometimes it sucks, but often just good to get in.

There’s a bunch of links below that I find most useful. For me, reading the pressure charts has always been step 1 – goes back to the old days when all you had was the weather after the BBC news to make the call about a trip. That was 4 seconds you had to see what kind of systems were heading our way, before Michael Fish got in the way! You had to really understand and read the charts. In fact, our first advert was a met office chart for the best surf conditions for the South West UK. I went to the Met Office and scanned through 10 years of archive charts to find this one! The whole thinking was that if you knew charts and understood what this meant, you’d get the ad and get the commitment behind Finisterre and what it is we do.

In this day and age where there is so much info out there, the best swells are still the unexpected ones….every now and then they’ll sneak in and catch everyone off guard….

Best for wave buoys

Windguru – this is the one that updates live

Best for charts, making your own wind readings and swell orientation

Met office charts

Good friend Des at Constantine Bay does the best daily report that I know….

Thanks to Magicseaweed for the use of the embed above.

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    Thanks for the share!

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  3. I such as this article very much, wish you can write much more about this.

  4. Mand says:

    Hi, thank you for doing the forecast the last nine years. I started to follow it during the last year and looked at the metoffice charts accompanying, retracing what you were writing. I learned a lot by doing that. Would be great to see your first chart related advert that you mentioned in the text above. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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