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  • No Wetsuits Allowed

    Last Sunday saw the 13th annual World Belly Board Championships held just around the corner from the workshop at Chapel Porth. Read more
  • Global Wave Conference

    We think carefully about the projects we get involved with, we are a small business so it's essential. But when Surfers Against Sewage told us they were bringing together the world’s leading envi Read more
  • 6 things to love about autumn

    We are just going to come out and say it – summer is coming to an end. Yep, there are cold days around the corner, but chin up, we’d like to remind you of the utter joy of Autumn. Wav Read more
  • China follow up

    Thanks for the comments to the post on Facebook about China, we’ve read them all with interest. As a business we’ve always operated in a transparent a way as possible. This has been t Read more
  • We’ve moved some of our production to China.

    For us here at Finisterre, our business is built around honesty and transparency, it’s why we lift the lid on everything we do through our iSPY programme. We are also not a brand bound by other p Read more
  • Northern Exposure - Sneak peek

    The guys have just rolled through the workshop doors and thrown muddy bags down with grins as wide as cheshire cats. The kettle went on and we huddled round to hear tales of empty head high waves b Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Ben Quinn

    For four years Ben was training chefs at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant. It was a coveted role and the decision to leave was hard, but he was set on building his own dream, of returning to his Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Anja Jones

    Anja started Anja Jones Translation in 2010 with the aim of helping companies to access overseas markets. Specialising in website, app and brand translation in German, French and UK English, she’ Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Sarah Bentley

    Sarah gave up a life on the road with Vans Footwear to pursue a passion. Disillusioned by meetings, long roads and days away from a young family, Sarah left the comfort of a consistent sa Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Rich Blake

    Rich had no intention of making coffee. One afternoon he found himself buying a 1950s coffee roaster and had no idea what to do with it. Suddenly everything started falling into place. Fo Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Alex and Ross

    Their paths first crossed in college in ’95. Their passion for surf, skateboard and music cultures ignited a friendship that in turn led to them starting an independent design agency. Like most s Read more
  • Entrepreneurs that surf - Elsie Pinniger

    “Women’s wetsuits were horrendous!” And Elsie had had enough. In 2007 she designed her first wetsuit and as her business has grown it’s been her greatest mentor. Elsie has always Read more

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